Owen’s First Road Trip

We spent this past 4th of July weekend in Pittsburgh. I am not gonna lie I was a little nervous for the three hour drive with an infant, but he was really good. In the beginning of the trip I gave him a bottle, and after that he fell asleep. I am hoping that this will keep up for the vacation we’re trying to plan, which will be a much longer trip.

It felt like we never stopped while we were in town – non-stop picnic after picnic. Owen met pretty much everyone in both families. On the fourth he slept through the fireworks. Maybe next year he will enjoy them more.

Owen has been changing everyday. Along with his standard “Ohh” coo he now has this high pitched almost laugh. It is adorable. I think he is close to a full blown laugh. He has been “talking” more and more. I am going to miss him so much next week when I have to go back to work :-/. I am just starting to get comfortable and in a groove, and now I need to go back to work. Ugh. After being off for 12 weeks it is going to be so hard going back to work, but there are plenty of women that are working moms. I will just have to be strong and know that he will be there when I get home.

IMG_20140704_165502833 IMG_20140704_171030_265 IMG_20140704_145026_558



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