ComFest Weekend

Owen can add ComFest to his list of firsts from this weekend. Well, I guess mommy can add it to his baby book. We had a great weekend hanging out, drinking, listening to music, and people watching. Of course it was hot and sticky, and we needed to walk quickly back to the cars because of a storm, but all in all a great weekend. Owen loved all the attention, and he looked adorable in his tie-dye onesie. He only had it on for a little while because he got hot so quickly, but it was a little big so he should be able to wear it again.

Speaking of growing, we had a “well visit” today at the doctor’s office, and Owen now weighs 13 lbs 1 ounce. I knew he has been feeling heavier and growing out of his clothes, but I didn’t think he was that heavy. The doctor said he is healthy, and that is all that matters. Owen had to get some shots, which was awful for us as parents to watch, but he only cried a little bit and forgot about them once we got him back in the car.

IMG_20140628_113853_749 IMG_20140628_155349250-SMILE

14 - 1


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