Relax Already

So it has been seven weeks now with our little man. He has grown so much already. I have started a pile of newborn clothes that he has already grown out of. He is now wearing size 0-3 months. I broke down and bought him a onsie with a tie and suspenders on it last week. I would say that holding out this long on buying clothes for him was pretty good for me because he is growing so much I might need to get him some sleepers too. We’ll have to take inventory and see what he has. When the nurse weighed him on Friday he was 10lbs 6oz which is almost a weight gain of 2lbs. I think he was going through a growth spurt last week because he was eating every 2 hours. I am hoping that it will slow down a bit this week.

About a week ago we introduced formula because breastfeeding has been really rough on my body. I have gotten infections, had to use a special ointment, and I was just not happy with how I was feeling. So after about 6 weeks I decided to reduce pumping and use formula. I have been pumping about every 5 hours and will start to spread it out more as the days go on to gradually to dry up my supply. Every day I am still feeling bad about it because breast is best, but I think that being a happy mother is more important.

It has been really nice having family in town the past few weekends. They love spending time with Owen, and it gives us a small break with the day to day duties that go along with having an infant around. We have been bringing Owen out to eat more and more, and I have realized that I have been on edge every time we do it. I don’t even sit back in my chair all the way. He really hasn’t been too bad, so I don’t know why I get so stressed, and I really need to learn to relax. I am thinking as time goes by I will get more relaxed and will maybe be able to enjoy myself more.

We are lucky enough to have a friend who is a great photographer, and she took some pictures of Owen this past weekend. The ones that I saw so far are adorable. In the next post I will share some of my favorites. Today, because the weather is going to be nice, I am going to attempt to bring Owen to a local mall. We’ll see how it goes.




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