Almost 6 Weeks

I can’t believe Owen is almost 6 weeks old. He is healthy and seems to be happy – especially when he is eating. As far as feeding goes, I have been pumping exclusively for t he last 2 weeks. It has been very time consuming, and it can be discouraging at certain times of the day when there isn’t a lot of milk. Owen seems to be fine with it, and I am not nearly as sore as I was while breastfeeding. I have also called his pediatrician to ask about formulas in case I am not able to pump, or if it becomes too overwhelming. They suggested a milk based formula with iron. I think I will grab the Target brand formula this week to have on hand just in case. I have heard that this it is comparable to Similac but cheaper.

Now that we have been home for a few weeks by ourselves we have started to get a schedule. A very repetitive schedule, but some structure non-the-less. I feed Owen, burp him, change his diaper, and then pump. Repeat all day :/. It’s not all bad. He has been starting to smile and coo,which makes it all worth it. Also if the weather is nice we have been laying out on a blanket in the shade. If I am lucky I can even get a little reading done.

My doctor cleared me last week to work out, and so far I have worked out a few times this week. Even just a short workout makes me feel so much better. I really need to get back into my clothes. I only fit into one pair of pants and one pair of shorts, which makes it hard to find an outfit to wear for the day. Thank goodness it has been hot and I can wear maxi skirts and dresses.


IMG_20140526_164245_105 2014-05-28 IMG_20140529_141403_571


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