That’s right, ouch! Feeding Owen hurts. He is hungry about every 3 hours, and it is doing some damage to mom. A few weeks ago I went to a lactation specialist to try and pinpoint what I was doing wrong. She gave me a few things to try and told me to get a prescription ointment that I have been using ever since. It seems to be helping a bit, but feeding is still painful. To give me a break every once in a while I have been pumping when I can and keeping it on hand. I know that direct from the breast is best, but I am really get discouraged and I might have to discuss some other options with the doctor on Monday.

Now that I have been home with Owen by myself this week I am trying to get a schedule down. He has been sleeping pretty well in the mornings so I try and shower then. If I am feeling up to it I throw some laundry in too. After lunch, if the weather is good we try and do a stroller walk. This has been working out well until yesterday when halfway through our walk Owen decided to start screaming. He didn’t stop until I fed him. Ugh. This feeding thing is really getting to me. I wonder when I will start feeling like me again, and not just a sore feeding machine. I guess it has been under a month so maybe after 6 weeks it will get better.

On a lighter note, Owen seems to do fine when going out to eat. Earlier this week, during a neighborhood meetup, he only fussed a little while everyone ate. Also earlier today he slept through a lunch at Panera. Now to get him to stop fussing at night and go to sleep.


Owen napping 🙂




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