First Mother’s Day

Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day, and Tony made it a very special one. After the first morning feeding with Owen ( I am starting to feel like a cow), I came down to a breakfast cooked and waiting for me. It was very nice to not have to think about and/or prepare the meal, and Owen actually let us enjoy it. Then later in the afternoon we took a stroll through the neighborhood where a few neighbors got to meet a sleeping Owen. For dinner Tony prepared mussels, and I even had a glass of wine in between feedings. After dinner Owen got a bit fussy, but I eventually went to sleep for a few hours.

This is my first full week without Tony being home to help. So far so good. I am trying to make sure that we get out at least once a day if the weather permits. I don’t want to be stuck inside all day. I have to say that having Owen when we did was good planning as far as the weather goes. He loves being outside and being pushed around in the stroller. Hopefully soon I will be able to jog with him and lose the rest of the baby weight.

IMG_20140506_174944_278 IMG_20140511_132049_931


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