Cuteness Has Arrived!

It is a good day today. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping – a perfect spring day. Just like the day we brought Owen home from the hospital. Yes, we decided on the name Owen shortly after he was born. He arrived at 8:27 pm on Saturday April 19th after a few scares while in labor.

Around 4 am on the 19th I started to feel some contractions, but I didn’t think much of it because I was able to fall back asleep. When we woke up we went on about our day as usual and took a walk. During the walk I was starting to get stronger contractions that were getting closer together. Once we got home around 1 pm the contractions really started to get painful. After about 3 more hours of laboring at home we decided this was the real deal, and we headed to the hospital.

Once we arrived at the hospital they checked how dilated I was. I was far enough along that they offered an epidural right away. I didn’t take the epidural right away because I still wanted to walk the hospital a bit. That lasted a little under an hour before I decided that I had labored enough on my own.

A little side note on getting the epidural: I felt some pressure while they put it in, and a bit of a cooling sensation. It was an odd feeling but I am glad that I did it.

Not 15 minutes after I got the epidural my water broke, and with it we found out that Owen had already passed his first bowl movement (known as meconium), which is not a good sign. Along with having meconium, his heart rate dropped drastically I was immediately given oxygen and told to get onto my hands and knees (good thing I took all of those yoga classes) to try and keep his heart rate up enough for delivery. They then rolled me into the OR.

At this point Tony was taken away to get scrubs on, and I was thinking that I was about to have a C-section. Luckily his heart rate came back up by the time we arrived in the OR, and I was able to deliver vaginally. Unfortunately they did have to use a vacuum and an episiotomy to get him out a little quicker.

He was screaming before he was even fully out, which was music to my ears (a little less-so now). They plopped him down on my chest, and at that moment nothing else mattered. Tony cut the cord, and Owen was taken off for a few minutes to get cleaned off and ready to get back into my arms. Owen was 8 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches long with a full head of brown hair and dark blue eyes. I am not sure where he got all the hair from, but looking back at pictures of me when I was born I had a lot of hair too. So if anything I guess he at least gets that from me. Otherwise I think he looks pretty much like Tony.

Of course I have been posting a bunch of pictures on Facebook, but here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_20140429_123815214 IMG_20140423_131923386 IMG_20140428_192502949 IMG_20140424_114314823 IMG_20140422_170637035



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