Maternity and Nursery Pics

This is going to be a short post because I am exhausted. We didn’t sleep much last night because I kept getting contractions, but right when we were ready to go to the hospital they seemed to slow down and then stop. False alarm :/. So we pretty much slept a total of three hours last night.  At least we were able to watch the Mad Men premiere at 3am. I really thought the little man was ready, but I guess he doesn’t want to meet us just yet. I downloaded a phone app (Contraction Counter) that will help me keep track the next time it happens.

We were able to do a bunch of cooking this weekend, and now our freezer is stocked with some meals for when we are walking zombies and don’t feel like leaving the house. We made some dinner and breakfast food to have on hand. It took awhile to do, but I think we will be happy that we did it.

Yesterday our good friend Laura took some awesome pictures of us and the nursery. I am glad we were able to do this before the little man arrived. I posted a few of my favorite ones below.



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