Hospital Bag

Any day now the doctor said, but she also told us to be prepared to go 41 weeks. Eeek! 41 weeks seems a ways away only being 37 1/2. Nobody really knows when he will decide to show up. Now I understand why some moms schedule these things. It is hard not knowing the date. We just have to be prepared to run off to the hospital when the time comes.

One thing that I feel good about is the hospital bag. I have the things I need, along with the baby, and Tony threw a few things in too. I have a few nursing tanks, pajamas, a robe, sweat pant outfit, going home outfit, slippers, slipper socks, throw away undies (in case I don’t like the hospital ones), sleeping bras, and a nursing bra.

I also packed any toiletries that I thought I might be able to use and that would make me feel better showering with. I might throw some makeup in when the time comes. Along with the toiletries, I packed some dermoplast spray, tucks, and some nipple cream. I didn’t know much about these things until some new moms got them for me. They should be a big help for post delivery.

For baby I don’t have much. I packed a few sleepers, socks, scratch mittens, receiving blanket, nail clippers, lotion,halo sleep sack, and a changing pad with a few diapers. Hopefully that is all he will need.

Some extras that I packed were some lollipops, hard candy, and gummy bears. I want to grab some more snacks before we take off. I also plan on grabbing my kindle and phone charger before we run out the door. I am not sure if I am going to bring my own pillow or not. I will write it on the list and see how I feel that day. This week we will install the car seat.

Here are some pictures of what I packed. New moms, did I leave anything out?



Baby Items

Baby Items


Snacks, notebook, pads, and changing pad.





Comfy Clothes


Hospital Bag


One thought on “Hospital Bag

  1. Ahhh any day now?! I’m hoping sooner than later so maybe I can come up for spring break next week! Good luck! Btw… I’ve heard from many moms to take as much as you can from the hospital (diapers, lotions, etc.) love yinz!

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