35 Weeks

At 35 weeks today and am feeling a lot of movement from the little man. You can tell he is running out of room because with every move he makes I see my stomach change shape. He also still gets hiccups a few times week. At the doctors this week she said that he is growing at a normal pace, and his head is down and low. That’s a good position, but it makes me need to go to the bathroom more often. Regardless of the constant bathroom breaks, let’s hope he stays this way to make for an easier birth! This week I have been experiencing some Braxton Hicks contractions. They haven’t been uncomfortable – just odd.  The doctor assured me that this is normal even when my stomach looks indented in the middle. She says this happens because the muscles in my stomach are separated. It’s just my body getting ready for the real thing.

This week I have done some shopping in an effort to complete my hospital bag. I think I am in pretty good shape. I just need to wait until after the shower to pack for the baby. After the shower I will also wash all of the baby clothes and blankets. So he will be all set. As for Tony, I think he really only needs some clothes, snacks, tablet/kindle and toiletries. Once I have my bag complete I will make the list and take some pictures in case anyone is interested.

It has become increasingly hard to find something that fits over my bump. I think I might have 2 pairs of pants that fit right now (other than leggings).  It will be nice to have more choices again down the road.


35 weeks


Fun flats


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