Feeling Big and Tired Lately

My belly has really grown in the last few weeks, and it has been increasingly hard to find a good sleep position. The problem is that there are only really two options: left side or right side. Every time I get comfortable on one side I have to wake up to pee, which is a task in itself. Other nights I get shin or calf cramps that immediately wake me up. The only way that I can seem to get rid of them is to get up, walk around, and try to stretch it out. However, I hear of all of this is just preparing me for the sleepless nights that lie ahead. Another funny thing about my growing stomach is that every time I eat something (which is quite often) the crumbs always stick to my shirt but it does make for a nice arm rest.

So far we have completed 3 baby preparation classes, and we are officially pre-registered for the labor and delivery at the hospital.  The only one that we still need to take is an infant CPR class next month – something that we want to know how to do, but hope that we never have to use. After all of these classes we are supposed to feel more prepared, but I am still not sure. Then again, I don’t think anyone is really “ready” to have a baby. I haven’t gotten to that nervous stage yet, but I am thinking in a few weeks as we get closer I might change my tune. 

My goal this week is to get the hospital bag all packed and ready for our trip to Pittsburgh for the shower. My husband thinks that I am crazy to want to have it packed so early, but I will just feel better if I do. Then I can have it in the car in case I do go into labor while at work. Not a fun thought, but who knows when he will want to make his debut.

We have done a few more things in the nursery these past few weeks. That included hanging the elephant button picture and adding 2 shelves to store books. I also bought some prints on Etsy to add to the picture wall that I would like to have on the currently empty wall in the nursery. The prints should arrive in the next few weeks, and then they will be ready for Tony to hang (thanks honey :)).  Other than that I think I just need to start washing clothes, taking toys/gifts out of boxes, and finding a place for everything.


Book wall


Growing belly


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