33 Weeks

Although I can’t complain too much (because I’ve had a pretty smooth pregnancy so far), here are some of the challenges that I’ve had so far at at 33 weeks :

  • I’m unable to zipper my winter coat.
  • Shaving and putting on pants are very challenging.
  • My new belly is making walking down the stairs quite a risky endeavor.
  • People look at me funny at the gym.
  • To get anywhere on time I have to start getting ready at least 10 minutes earlier than usual (though I suppose this will get even worse after he arrives).
  • It is normal for my stomach to shift from one side to another.

Also, I’ve recently begun to feel the little man’s hiccups, which is pretty neat. I am sure there are more fun things to happen in the next few weeks.


Stretching out my non-maternity clothes


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