32 Weeks

Had a wonderful lunch today with some coworkers who threw me a mini shower. We had lunch at a new pizza place called Pizza Cucinova. It is set up just like a Chipotle or Piada except you order pizza and salads instead of burritos or wraps. It was very tasty. They had a bunch of yummy cheeses (that I can’t have), so we will have to go back when I can be more adventurous. Everyone was very generous, and the baby received some great gifts! Of course they are already in the nursery ready to be put away :).  The baby now has a good start to his library along with some cute clothes. Thanks again ladies!


Gifts from co-workers

The baby was really moving around today. At one point tonight my stomach changed shape while he was moving around trying to get comfortable. I have to say it was a little painful until he stopped moving. Maybe soon we will be able to see the outline of his hand or foot. We’ll just have to wait and see.

14 - 2 (1)

It is getting harder to find clothes that fit the bump.


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