31 Weeks

Good news first. Baby is doing great and is growing as he should be at 31 weeks. At some points in the day I think he is doing somersaults. So much so that I can see my stomach getting pushed up by him. I am really glad that he  is healthy, and I am starting to get anxious to meet him. As for me, I am becoming very clumsy these days. After a wonderful weekend that included a surprise prenatal massage and macaroons I accidentally missed the last step going down the stairs Monday morning, and most likely broke my toe. It is very black and blue, and it really hurts to walk on. I have been limping around the office during the day, and icing it at night. I hope it heals up soon so I can get back to yoga some day.

A few posts back I put some inspiration on what might be a good idea to put in the hospital bag, and I have started a small pile in the nursery. So far I have a robe, a 3 piece pajama set, comfy sleeping bra, nursing tank, and a loose nursing shirt. I think it is a good start for now, but I still need to get fitted for a nursing bra. I learned from the breastfeeding class last night that you should wait until 37 weeks to be sized. Speaking of baby classes, we have completed 2 out of the 3 so far. We went to the Baby Care Basics class last weekend, and the Breastfeeding class last night. Both classes were good, and we learned a few things. I just wish there were more hands on learning rather than just power point presentations. Hopefully the birthing class will put me more at ease.


31 Weeks


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