Dressing the bump

While sitting in my living room stuck inside today because of all snow, yay winter :(,  I am thinking about what to wear this upcoming week to work. I know I am a little crazy to try and plan out my outfits for the week but I am not a morning person (especially recently when I haven’t been sleeping through the night) and it makes it a lot easier to have an outfit already ready to go. As the weeks go by and the bump gets bigger it is getting harder to find shirts that are long enough to cover my growing belly. This is especially hard when your torso is already long. I have been searching out blogs and pinterest for some inspiration. Lately I have been wearing a lot of vests over plain long sleeve t-shirts and blazers (that don’t close) just to change it up. Also adding scarves and accessories to try and add a little something to plain t-shirts. Sometimes I think it might be nice to live in a maxi dress, but I would be a bit cold in Ohio in the winter. So for now I am going to layer up and try to make myself look presentable.

Here are a few outfits that I think I may try to put together with pieces that I already have in my closet.


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