27 Weeks

What can I say about 27 weeks? The baby has been moving around a bunch, which is really nice to feel and know he is still in there growing. What is not so nice is the constant back ache that I have had for the past week. I have tried stretching and went back to the maternity pillow, but nothing seems to be working. The next thing I am going to try is to get a pillow for my work chair. Hopefully this will give me some extra support where I need it. At the appointment on Monday I will also ask the doctor if she can recommend anything to ease the pain a bit.

Who knew putting together a laundry basket would be such a chore. A few weeks ago I bought a grey polka dotted laundry basket for the nursery, and I didn’t want to take it out until we had a place to put it. So after the carpet was installed yesterday I wanted to start clearing out the dinning room of all of the baby things that have been piling up. When I took it out of the packaging it looked simple enough but at first I didn’t see the holes to put the poles into. Tony couldn’t figure it out at first either. He was ready to have me take it back. Once it was put together it turned out nice, and I will find a permanent place for it once we move the furniture all back into the nursery. 

Here are some pictures of the growing bump. Sorry for the mess in the room.




One thought on “27 Weeks

  1. Lauren check into a chiropractor. I have had lower back pain recently and he did wonders. It’s safe for the both of you. Ask your doctor about it.

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