26 Weeks

I freaked out a bit when updating one of our registries because it said that we had less than 100 days to go until my due date. How can that be possible? I just started feeling really pregnant the last few weeks, and now we only have a few months left. Where does the time go? We have a ton of things to get  done in the next 3 months. I think if I start making lists I might feel better about this. Good thing Tony is a very organized person because I feel that my baby brain is starting to kick in. If I don’t write something down or put it on the calender I probably won’t remember it.

There is no hiding my baby bump now. It is out in full force and some of my leggings are even getting too tight to wear. Time to get creative with putting outfits together. I also feel that I am beginning to waddle around a bit to compensate for my growing belly. Maybe that is why I feel so clumsy, and I have been dropping things because my center of gravity is changing. For the next few months I will have to be extra careful when walking around.

I just finished a great book last week. It is called The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. I definitely recommend it. It will have you guessing until the end.

Here is a picture of the baby bump. Thanks, Lisa, for the shirt!


26 Weeks


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