Kicking Away

This weekend was a pretty relaxing one. I was able to go to yoga on Saturday, and today we went to a baby shower for a neighbor of ours. Thank goodness for yoga. It has really helped me relax for a few hours, and it has made my lower back pain a lot better. I think as my stomach grows it will become even more essential to go to weekly classes.  After leaving the baby shower today it made me really excited for things to come. I am looking forward to finding out what my friends and family have in store for my showers.

Maybe this weekend was a little too relaxing because I wasn’t able to get anything done with the dressers. I had the best intentions of cleaning out the drawers and putting the drawer liners in. But I guess even after I did that we still aren’t able to move them from the basement until the carpet is installed. I will really try my best to get them done this coming weekend.

It is pretty amazing to feel the baby kicking. He seems to move the most around 8 every night. At some points he is kicking in two different places at one time. It is a relief to finally be feeling the baby, and I am looking forward to seeing his foot or hand push up against my stomach.

Dressing the bump…

IMG_20140110_172313_783 IMG_20140111_172545_950


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