Moving Along

This weekend my husband has been very busy finishing up the final touches on the nursery painting. He finished all the trim and doors, and he added the yellow circles on the accent wall. I love the way it turned out! When we went to get the paint I had a metallic gold color in mind, but Tony brought up a good point that it might look to mature for a nursery so we went with a brighter shade of yellow. I can’t wait to start planning what to decorate the walls with. We also ordered a storybook chair and ottoman. I had put it on my registry, but because they are made to order it will take about 12 weeks to arrive.  Things are starting to come together nicely. The next big thing we have to do is order carpet. Hopefully we will get around to doing that this week.


Accent wall in nursery

I have noticed that the flutters have become more obvious, and they have started to turn into noticeable kicks as the baby grows. Last night when the baby was really kicking Tony was able to feel some of the kicks. It was such a great feeling for us both to experience together. Only more to come. Can’t wait!

This morning I was really craving muffins for breakfast so I found a recipe in pinterest and made them. They turned out really moist and yummy, and they are fairly healthy too. Here is the link to the recipe if you are interested, Enjoy!


Blueberry Wheat Germ Muffins


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