24 Weeks

Today I am officially 24 weeks along. Baby is doing well, and I am feeling pretty good. It turns out that the third trimester doesn’t start until around 27 weeks, which is fine with me because we still have a bunch of things to get done before I start to get huge and uncomfortable. It has been a nice day so far getting some things done around the house and catching up on some reading. I just can’t seem to take down the Christmas decorations yet. I just love looking at the lights on the tree glow. Speaking of decorations I still have most of the gender reveal ones up, which was about a month ago. Once I figure out where to put them I will take them down. If you are looking for a good book to read I just finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. It is being made into a movie soon, and for me it was a page turner.

We went to a neighbor’s New Years Eve party last night. It was a good time to meet new people and catch up with some neighbors. They had a huge spread of food (perfect for a pregnant lady who can’t partake in drinking), and I even made it until after the ball dropped! Hope everyone had a happy new year.

Below are some picture from Christmas that I forgot to post last time. Enjoy!

Expecting Christmas

Christmas picture at my parents house

Santa made it!

Tony dressed as Santa


Happy New Years!


No maternity clothes here ;). Dress and cardigan from Gap.


24 weeks and feeling good


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