Busy Week

What a whirlwind of a week it has been. Between my birthday, going out pretty much every night, and picking up a new car I am exhausted. On Monday we had a neighborhood meetup at a bar/restaurant. Tuesday I had a book club meeting. Wednesday (my birthday) we grabbed a quick pizza, and then picked up our new car (Honda CR-V) :). On Thursday we went to Shadowbox to watch the Brew Ha Ha competition show. Friday we finally relaxed a bit, and cooked dinner at home, but then on Saturday we went out again – met a few friends at a Food Truck festival, and then walked across the street to Oktoberfest. Wheh! It feels like we never really stopped for a breather this week.

More on the new car: My husband has been meaning to get a new car for a few months now, and we wanted a more family friendly car. I have been pushing for an SUV for a while, and we test drove the Mazda CX-5 but weren’t very impressed by it. The Honda CR-V seemed to be a better fit for us. After some wheeling and dealing the CR-V is ours. So far so good, I just need to get used to backing out of our narrow driveway :).

We received a few more cards this week congratulating us on the baby. It makes me happy to see that our friends and family are as excited as we are about our growing family. This week I have been feeling tired and have noticed more breakouts and dandruff. Hopefully this will go away when the baby arrives.

In other baby news, during my lunch break this week I was able to grab a few maternity items at H&M. They only have a few racks but it is nice to know that it’s there. I still need some jeans and black pants. Maybe this weekend I will take a look at Gap and Old Navy to see what they have. Now off to another book club meeting.


a few baby things from my sister in law


My 12 week picture
dress from Gap and blazer from NY&co.


Our new family car



One thought on “Busy Week

  1. You are too funny listing where your clothing is from! Loving the baby bump pictures and so glad you’re able to use the picture cards! This baby is loved so much already!

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