What a Great Feeling

During my first Ultrasound yesterday we found out that all is well with the baby. What a relief! We heard the heartbeat, which was unbelievable and got a few pictures printed out. It is still so new and amazing to me that I have a growing baby in my belly. Right now the baby is only 1.61 cm long, not even a peanut yet, but rapidly growing and has a healthy heartbeat. I can’t wait to show the pictures to our parents this weekend. Even if you can’t really see much :).

Yesterday I bought one of those pregnancy pillows. After washing the cover I got frustrated trying to put it back on so my husband had to do it so that I could use it. I am not totally sold on it yet. It was comfortable but seemed a little stiff for me. But I am going to use it for a few weeks and see it it helps me sleep.


Maternity Pillow from Bye Bye Baby


shirt from Gap outlet and skirt from Loft


First pictures of the baby!



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