Worry worry worry. That is what I have been doing. I woke up last night with a slight pain/pressure in my abdomen and though the worst. I think the real reason why I woke up was because I had to pee. Hopefully after the appointment on Tuesday when I hear the heartbeat I will feel more at peace.

It seems that I am getting hungry so often that I now have a stash of crackers (along with water) on my nightstand. I will have to be careful not to get crumbs in the bed :). I am really trying hard to eat right and have 6 small meals a day. I know that I am eating at least 6 times a day – not big meals but snacks.

On another note my friend suggested a website that she found helpful during her pregnancy. It is called Lucie’s List (http://www.lucieslist.com/). Once I registered for the site they sent me a list of what to register for. I did a quick glance last night, and it looks pretty helpful so far. Also if you are looking for cute pregnancy clothes I would check out Hatch Collection ( http://hatchcollection.com/). I hope to get a few things from here for my birthday, even if I am not showing yet. You have to start planning to look adorable :).

shirt from Banana Republic and pants from H&M

shirt from Banana Republic and pants from H&M



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