Getting Things Done

“Freaking Awesome”, that is what the card said that a co-worker gave me. Along with the cute card, she gave us a Big Bird onesie that is adorable. I am actually impressed that I wasn’t the first one to buy an item of clothing for the baby. We should probably start working on the nursery so we have a place to put baby things. I will have to start going through the million nursery pictures that I have pinned to get some inspiration.

Last night went well, other than watching everyone drink really refreshing beer and stressing over what I could eat on the menu. The Crest was a great newish gastropub, and I can’t wait to go back when I can enjoy a drink on the patio.

Yes! This afternoon my husband was able to finish hanging the wine bottles in the dining room, and he also put our anniversary (iron anniversary) iron spoon and fork bottle openers up on the wall. Now I just need to get the flowers for the wine bottles in tonight and we will be really close to completing the dining room. Now I am off to pack for the last weekend in Pittsburgh for a while. Can’t wait to break the news to the family.


the baby’s first onsie


additions to our dinning room


our 6th anniversary (iron) bottle openers located in our kitchen



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