Breaking the News

I had my first appointment with the midwife yesterday and it went well. I got some questions answered and even some baby wipes. At the appointment I had to give a urine sample, have a pelvic exam, and give a ton of blood. Everything was easy other than giving blood. I guess I have small veins because when she tried getting blood out of my right arm she couldn’t, and she had to take it from my left arm instead. So I left with 2 bandaids.

At work I planned on telling a co-worker who recently had a baby so that we could start talking about what to expect in the next nine months, but the time never felt right. Maybe we can grab lunch on Friday after our last half day of Summer hours. I was able to tell a few close friends at book club. It worked out perfectly because they were the only 2 that showed up. They were really happy for us, and already started talking about planning a shower. It was so nice to finally break the news to some people, and I can’t wait to tell some family this weekend.


sweater from Banana Republic and pants from Zara


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