So I believe that my co-workers are taking note of how many times that I am going to the bathroom. Hopefully they just think that I am drinking a lot of water. I tried to keep track today, in case the midwife asks on Tuesday, and I think just during work I went about 7 times. I thought that I went a lot before I was pregnant, and supposedly it just gets worse as the pregnancy progresses.

Another thing that I realized today is that my stomach feels really hard, and I am not sure if it is even possible, but while looking in the mirror today I think that I am already showing a bit. That has me worried because nobody knows. At least nobody will say I am looking fat. Nobody in their right mind say that to a women.

Oh yeah I almost forgot we were able to visit our friend’s baby girl last night. She is adorable at only 2 weeks old. Mom and baby are doing well, other than the lack of sleep. It was a little odd because that was our first time out after finding out the news, and of course right when we got there they asked us if we wanted any beer or wine to drink. They might suspect something in the back of their minds, but I need to try to not and worry about it. Our next challenge will be this weekend when we go to a friend’s wedding reception. Maybe I can just grab a solo cup and nobody will know :).


shirt from H&M and skirt from a local boutique called Thread


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